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Scientific Meeting

The Scientific Meeting, also known as the IAPM Conference, is normally run by the team organizing the annual meeting, in accordance with instructions from the Board of Directors. It has a single subject as a theme, chosen at previous meetings. The latest ones have been "Globalisation and Perinatal Medicine" (Barcelona, 2006), "Prenatal Diagnosis" (Budapest, 2007), "Women and Children First" (New York, 2008), "Prematurity" (Dubrovnik, 2009), "Fetal Neurology" (Osaka, 2010), "Multiple Pregnancy" (Athens, 2011), and "Recent Advances in Perinatal Medicine" (Tirana, 2016).

Ceremonial Meeting

Finally, there is the Ceremonial Meeting, attended by all regular and associate Fellows in full academical dress, which is held in a historic building linked with the local Academy or scientific or cultural institution.

Apart from a speech by the IAPM President on the "state of the Academy", this meeting holds a memorial service dedicated to Fellows of the Academy who died during the previous year, as well as naming new members of the Academy (both regular and associate Fellows). Once the General Secretary has read out the appropriate decree the new Fellows swear the solemn oath and receive the symbols of Academy membership (Academic medal and diploma for the regular Fellows, diploma for the associate Fellows). Finally, one of the Vice-Presidents officially closes proceedings and all present sing the "Gaudeamus Igitur" anthem.

Meetings of the Board of Directors

In accordance with articles 29 and 30, "the Board of Directors (BD) shall convene two meetings a year, usually held at the same time as the various perinatal scientific conferences". The BD shall be deemed to validly constituted if at least four members are present, including the President.

These meetings discuss and deal with urgent matters and routine business (organisation of annual meetings, the work of the working groups, publications, etc.). The International Council is regularly informed of developments and decisions taken here at its next meeting and for this reason, the General Secretary takes minutes. Meetings of this type were held at Prague (2006), Florence (2007), Dubrovnik (2007) and New York (2008).

Other Meetings

Symposiums organised by the IAPM: with the aim of collaborating with other academic institutions and, at the same time, to achieve its teaching and training targets, the IAPM participates in international conferences organised by other institutions. Such as the case, for example, with the International Conference on Maternal Mortality, organised by FIGO and the WAPM and held in Lima, Peru, from 11th to 13th May 2006. The IAPM organised and ran a "Social symposium on 'The rights of the woman'", in which several of the regular Fellows took part: J. M. Carrera (as coordinator), A. Kurjak, S. Karchmer, F. A. Chervenak, L. Cabero, G. C. Di Renzo, W. Holzgreve and Z. Papp.

On the other hand, on September 29th 2007, a Symposium about "The Beginning of Human Life" was held in Zagreb, Croatia, organised by Prof. Asim Kurjak, and auspicied by The World Academy of Arts and Science, the International Academy of Perinatal Medicine and the Academy of Medical Sciences in Croatia.