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In Memory of Eric Saling

In Memory of Erich Saling Dear Friends We have lost Erich Saling at the age of 96 after his  courageous fight will illness.   He has been and will always be considered the father of modern perinatology for his many scientific contributions and for his tireless efforts to bring obstetricians and pediatricians together to help pregnant & fetal patients and mothers and newborns throughout the world. His commitment to excellence, his warmth, and gentle nature will be with us forever! Erich has been the lifelong president of our international academy of perinatal medicine. We are certain (and...

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Power of 3D Ultrasound in Advanced Fetal Neuroimaging

Power of 3D Ultrasound in Advanced Fetal Neuroimaging Webinar: Power of 3D Ultraound in Advanced Fetal Neuroimaging Organizers: Ritsuko K. Pooh, MD, PhD, MSc, LLB. Fetal Diagnostic Center, FetalBrain Center, Osaka, Japan Professor Dr. Eberhard Merz, Head, Center for Ultrasound andPrenatal Medicine, Frankfurt/Main, Germany Click here to view program

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Professor Kurjak, Russian Academy of Sciences

News Professor Asim KurjakRegular Fellow ofRussian Academy of Sciences After being a member of Medical Academy of Russia for 15 years, our president ASIM KURJAK has been recently elected as regular fellow of Russian Academy of Sciences. We heartily congratulate him on such a significant scientific achievement.

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Tirana 2016

Tirana 2016 International Academy of Perinatal Medicine 12TH MEETING OF THE INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF PERINATAL MEDICINE Tirana, Albania, May 26, 2016 The International Academy of Perinatal Medicine held its 12th meeting on May 26, 2016 in Tirana, Albania. The refined Tirana City Hall hosted perinatal academicians from all over the world. The regular, associate and honorary fellows attended all dresses in formal frac uniforms/gowns to signify academic dignity. The Administrative meeting was chaired by the Academy President Professor Asim Kurjak of Croatia. As a new president he inaugurated several...

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