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The Roots

The roots of the IAPM are firmly set on the fertile soil of three internationally renowned scientific societies, that have served as sponsors of its foundation.

They are:


brings together specialists of Perinatal Medicine from all over the world; it was founded in Tokyo (Japan) on November the 6th, 1991. Their Presidents have been: Prof. Schouichi Sakamoto (Japan), Prof. Ermelando Cosmi (Italy), Fredrick C. Battaglia (USA), Prof. Asim Kurjak (Croatia), Prof. Manuel R. G. Carrapato (Portugal) and Frank A. Chervank (USA). Up to now there have been 8 world congresses (Tokyo, Roma, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Barcelona, Osaka, Zagreb and Florence). The next one, due in 2009, will take place in Berlin.

Its official journal is «The Journal of Perinatal Medicine» led by J. W. Dudenhausen (W. de Gruyter, Berlin).


founded in Berlin by Prof. E. Saling on March the 30th,1969, during the 1st European Congress of Perinatal Medicine. It is composed of several very active Study Groups and it organizes the European Congress of Perinatal Medicine every two years. Their Presidents have been: E. Saling (Berlin), L. S. Prod’Hom (Lausanne), Z. Stembera (Prague), G. Rooth (Uppsala), O. R. Thalhammer (Vienna), A. Ballabriga (Barcelona), F. Thierry (Gent), J. Alvey (Dublin), A. Jahri (Greifswald), E. V. Cosmi (Perugia), J. M. Thoulon (Lyon), J. G. Koppe (Amsterdam), K. O. Raivio (Helsinki), F. Cockburn (Glasgow), A. Kurjak (Zagreb), M. Carrapato (Porto), O. R. Saugstad (Oslo), A. Antsaklis (Athens), H. Haliday (Belfast) and Cihat Sen(Istanbul).

Until now it has organized 20 European congresses: Berlin, London, Lausanne, Prague, Uppsala, Vienna, Barcelona, Brussels, Dublin, Leipzing, Rome, Lyon, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Glasgow, Zagreb, Porto, Oslo, Athens, Prague and Istanbul (2008). Its official magazine «The Journal of Maternal Fetal and Neonatal Medicine» is headed by G. C. Di Renzo and Dev Maulik.


this Society was founded in 1984 by a very prestigious group of Perinatal Medicine specialist, including Profs. S. Campbell (UK), J. Dudenhausen (Germany), M. Hansmann (Germany), P. Jouppila (Finland), K. Maeda (Japan), Z. Papp (Hungary), J. G. Schencker (Israel), I. Timor Tritsh (USA) and J. Wladimiroff (The Netherlands).

The founder and first President was Prof. Asim Kurjak (Croatia). Later on several experts from all over the world joined that fi rst group, and now there are 50 members.

At present the President of the Society is Prof. F. A. Chervenak. The Society holds an annual International Congress as well as several Advanced Training Courses for postgraduates in Maternal Fetal Medicine. Some of the courses take place in developing countries. On the other hand, The Society periodically publishes a book entitled «The fetus as a Patient» which summarises the most important lectures presented at the aforesaid congresses. The offi cial journal is «Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy» led by W. Holzgreve (Karger Basel).